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veronika ([personal profile] darlynne) wrote2012-07-12 11:28 am
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how do you intro + contact

hmmm okay this is probably gonna be long and silly :/ :\ (or maybe not so long we don't know)

⇨ okay hi my name is veronika and i am currently 17!!!!! i feel like i'm still the baby of the group (and in most of the group of friends i'm in, especially the ones that have stuck with me since our first roleplaying days, i still am the babby)

⇨ i've been roleplaying since i was about 10 or 11? i don't remember it exactly.... but i remember the grade i was in, haha. so i've been at this for like, 7 years now! 


⇨ i love playing video games - they are my passion. i am a HUGE die-hard fan of the kingdom hearts series, though. i'm also into final fantasy (although the only games i've played are x, x-2, and xiii and i'm not very much interested in the games with cloud or w/e) AND POKEMON WOW I LOVE POKEMON??
 ⇨ i am VERY into batman. he's the best super hero ok if you disagree then you're wrong. i've played arkham city and arkham asylum (still trying to 100% them both though) i haven't read all the comics because wow there's a lot but i love batman a whole bunch okay

⇨ I'M A VIP TOO OKAY I LOVE BIGBANG also i'm married to choi seunghyun if you disagree you're wrong and in denail

⇨ i'm friendly!! at least i would like to think so ... so feel free to talk to me if you want! `v`

⇨ i'm also a dork so

⇨ also i have a wide range of interests and i like learning about new things or when people talk to me about things that i have never heard of (new animes/shows/games they are fangirling over, etc.) so don't hesitate to just bring stuff up with me i guess!

⇨ seriously i like a lot of things okay

⇨ just be my friend

alright and here you can find me at other places to discuss anything or tell me i'm pretty (◡‿◡✿) however, please note that i am currently WITHOUT MY OWN LAPTOP and getting on messaging handles is difficult for me (MSN/AIM/etc.) so i would prefer if you messaged me on plurk or sent me an e-mail or ask on tumblr okay.
PLURK: tiaratop
TUMBLR: ironlass
AIM: suicidalrobotxx
E-MAIL: esper.lady@hotmail.com (alternatively this is my msn! although i do not sign onto msn very much, please message me on AIM instead!)

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